We all have creativity within us and all have uniquely different ways of expressing it.  We will help you express the art within through a variety of mediums and always through fun and relaxing means!


PAINTING WORKSHOP - July 8 - 12  9:30am - Noon    $150 + $20 supplies if student does not have paints or this can be purchased

CLAY -  August 5 - 9       9:30am - Noon    $185 includes supplies

FUNdamentals in Art July 29 - August 2  9:30am - Noon    $160 includes supplies

Watercolors August 12 - 16       9:30am - Noon    $150 includes supplies

Mermaids, Fairies, & other Fantasy Art July 22 - 26  9:30am - Noon    $140 includes supplies

Project Runway - Fashion Design July 22 - 26  1:00 - 3:00 pm    $120 includes supplies

Mosaics Monday & Wednesday    July 22 & 24 1:00 – 3:00 pm $45 plus supply fees depends on project picked

Private Tutoring 


Students will draw a variety of subjects of their choosing: e.g., animals, landscapes, etc.  This class is ongoing, but a one month commitment is recommended to improve skills and grow in continuity of using the medium of their choice: chalk pastels or oil pastels. Students are expected to bring their own sketchbooks and pastels so they can practice throughout the week while they are away from class.


Classes are held at my studio/home located at:

930 Hickory View Circle, Camarillo, CA 93012-5402

Private Tutoring vs. Group Classes

Private Tutoring -

Beginning 2019 -Lessons run $15/hour per student in a small group of 4- 5 students at my studio/home.  I also drive to people's homes for classes.

If your student wants to grow in art and have a more focused lesson plan, this will help them achieve better results rather than in a larger group.  Whether it be in developing painting skills or in beginning drawing with pastels, the students are given visuals to work with and are allowed to express their creativity.  These students have their own supplies and, just like in a music lesson, practice their skills outside of the one-on-one lesson so they can excel.

Group Classes - Group classes are held at the Art N' You Studio or in the comfort of your own home.  Most of these take place during summer or holiday break times.  See my current schedule of classes.

Going to Your School


Bringing art to your school from a professional art teacher’s view will help your student, teacher, and classmates.  Art N' you has been hired by various parent-teacher organizations, through grant writing, and by a concerned parent who understands the need for art education.  We provide visuals, a curriculum based on famous artists, and use professional art terms that many novices are unfamiliar with.  We suggest ways the students can improve their pieces, but we do not push them to change their individual style.

Feel free to look at the "Class Examples" and if you have suggestions on an area of fine art that your school is interested in, contact us for fees and supplies needed.  We also can suggest classes based on your budget.

Places We Have Taught - The list keeps growing!  We have taught at Christian Cornerstone, VC Christian School, Camarillo Heights, La Mariposa, Children's Celebration of the Arts, Carnegie Art Museum, Creative Arts Workshop, Mesa Union School, Las Posas School, Saint Mary Magdalen's School, among others in Ventura County.

Class Examples

Architecture student at Camarillo Art Center
  • Acrylic/Oil Painting

  • Asian Brush Painting

  • Architecture

  • Basic Drawing

  • Cartooning/ Video Game Character Drawing

  • Fashion Design/ and Project Runway

  • Figure Drawing

  • Expressive / Healing Art

  • Mermaid Drawing

  • Mixed Media

  • Mom & Child Classes

  • Mosaics

  • Pastels

  • Sculpting/ 3D class

  • Study of Famous Artists

  • Watercolors


Description of Classes Offered


Acrylic/Oil Painting - Once students feel confident in their drawing skills, shading, and working with pastels, they can graduate to painting with these paint mediums. I recommend acrylics because of their easy clean-up and low toxicity for young artists.

Architecture - Students learn age-appropriate concepts about perspective, floor-plans, elevation, how to make a model, and Plein Aire drawing/painting at a local architectural hot-spot.

Famous Artists - Students learn about various artists and their styles through various famous pieces, then they will create a masterpiece in said artist's style.

Fashion Design & Project Runway - If your child is thinking of a career in fashion design, have them get a jump-start by learning how to draw the human body and show textures and fabrics in their personal clothing lines. Project runway involves redesigning a t-shirt into a creative, wearable design of their own.

Healing Art - Expressive art therapy helps process difficult emotions through a safe, nurturing, and creative way.  See more at:


Mermaid Drawing - For the mermaid at heart! Learn body proportions and have fun expressing your inner underwater self.  We also draw a variety of sea creatures in their natural environment.



Mixed Media - Learn various techniques to create a piece of art with mixed mediums, painting, printing, collage, and more!

Mom & Child Classes - Budding artists create masterpieces using a variety of mediums alongside with their mom, dad, or guardian!

Mosaics - Create unique projects that last a lifetime!  This class can be adapted for younger ages by using paper instead of tile that look very similar to the real tile pieces!

Pastels - Get familiar with both oil and chalk pastels by doing still-life projects, landscapes, or any animal of your choice.

Sculpting/ 3-D Projects - Sculpting classes are taught using recyclable materials that are environmentally friendly! These students enjoy creating things and having the permission to get messy with the paper mâché!

Sumi-e or Asian Brush Painting - Sumi-e means: Black Ink Painting. Students will use black ink on white paper to create art in the traditional East Asian style with simple, elegant strokes.

Watercolors - We can guide you through your fear of using watercolors and help you create colorful works of art! You will be able to see the various special effects you can achieve with watercolors that cannot be duplicated with any other media.

Why is Art Important?

Educationally, our students need to compete on a global scale. Much to the detriment of building students' creative processing skills, art has been removed from many schools.  Art allows for the freedom of expression and creative thinking, but due to large classroom sizes, having to meet standards, and testing, much creative time has been reduced to free-play on computers. 

Art is one way to help students develop creative processing skills, learn about other cultures, explore individual expression, play, relax, and connect nerve-endings in the brain by using both hemispheres of the brain.  Art builds and strengthens eye-hand coordination skills, as well as helping students learn to focus and pay attention to details.

Many children are amongst the heaviest users of mass media entertainment which has the unfortunate side-effect of greatly decreasing their attention spans. This translates into less tolerance for reading and focusing on details. Learning art teaches observation skills, critical thinking skills, cognitive skills, fine-motor skills, right and left brain development, spatial reasoning, and perception. Art helps people learn patience though practice and disciplined work. It helps develop a sustained attention span by excising focus and concentration. While learning art, a student learns to follow directions, but as they grow they develop the creativity to see and think for themselves. With all these benefits, we believe art is something everyone can learn and will benefit from.