Creative Juices Still flowing in Seniors!

I am seeing how art is helping Seniors in the Assisted Living and in Memory Care Facility here at Alma Via in Camarillo.  I have also learned it is not the product that is important but the process of enjoying creations and expressing yourself.  Many of the residents have limited dexterity, but enjoy creating pieces that are broken down simply.  This helps them engage their minds and stay focused.  They also enjoy the fellowship creating within a group and the dialogue and exchange of ideas, but don't we all learn and are inspired by others in a community.  Some projects are just for the fun, and other times I like to work with my art therapy training to focus on a theme to help them process emotions.  Especially as we are approach Thanksgiving, it is nice to have something that reminds us of the positive things in life.  It is easy to slip into negativity when your mind is slipping, and the body isn't moving like it did at 40, but to focus on thankfulness brings health to our minds and bodies.  We really have a lot to be Thankful for our friends, family, community, and needs met at a great facility like Alma Via Senior Living Home.

Creative Venture at Elementary School

I have been working at Mesa Union School this year and at the end of the year we put a together an ocean mural designing a variety of sea creatures out of clay and using mosaics to add three dimensions to the work.  The Principal Dr. Bluestein wanted a variety of marine life found in our local Channel Islands so the students could see what treasures are in our backyard. 

This Tri-typh mural has the Ventura Peir incorporated in the school's bulletin board, stretching out to the Channel Islands and a whimsical sailboat.  Beneath the pier is a crab and sea-star on the rocks.  The next scene is in the kelp bed and has an inquisitive moray eel, prowling leopard shark, and our state fish, a Garabaldi peering out of the kelp.  The last scene is a huge breaking wave with a school of fish, a rainbow jellyfish, and a couple of frolicking dolphins.  I am very happy the students pictured below gave of their summer break to complete the final placement of tiles to make this mural pop!

Mesa Union Elementary School is very supportive of the arts and has a kiln room in addition to the fine art program and has a variety of murals around the campus.  In a time where many of the arts are being cut from the program, the Board of Directors support the Arts!  Hooray, this could not have been accomplished without them.  Come see this in person surrounding the play area.  We are planning a continuation of this mural coming soon in January of 2018!

Listening to my students for ideas

I was quite surprised after my summer Fashion Design class when students told me how much they enjoyed learning to sew.  They wanted to have more sewing classes, so I took them up on that and this Fall I offered a sewing class that was FULL and had a WAITLIST!  Here are some of the projects we worked on.  I am looking forward to sharing my sewing skills with another group of girls soon!  

These girls had no prior sewing skills and learned how to operate their own machine, practice how to control the pressure, follow a line, and make a bobbin.  We redesigned a T-shirt and then we made emoji pillows.  We started some snakes from old socks but we will need another class to complete them, if they did not finish them on their own. 

If you are interested in a sewing class for your daughter call me at 805 443-1555 for the next available class.  Students must have their own sewing machines.